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The Team

Our team has been brought together to offer the full range of creative IT services. From Graphic Designers and Web Developers to Copy Writers and IT Support Technicians our team is as diverse as our services. Here you can get to know them and read just how they came to be at Axita.

  • Ross Atkinson

    Web Developer and Social Media Manager

    I manage both the teams web design and social media, working with as much effort as I dress; you’ll never see me out of a suit! I live and breathe web development, understanding the utmost importance of tailoring a modern website to a client’s unqiue requirements. The need for websites is only increasing in this […]

  • Alexander Van Steen

    Managing Director

    I make the coffee, but when not engaged in this full time practice I seek out new clients and help to run the company. Before envisioning Axita I studied Computer Science for 3 years at the University of Hull and enjoyed it so much I stayed for the corresponding Masters Degree. After two and a […]

  • Louise Leech


    Accounts is badly under sung role in todays working environment. We pay the bills, the wages, produce management reports and keep track of the bank. Within Axita i make sure all of these things occur and more, and occasionally buy the boys chocolate and lunch (its amazing that they can fend for themselves most of […]

  • Martin Collins

    Creative Designer

    I am the creative one of the group, the one with the ‘far out’ ideas and conceptual themes. I design all of the graphics, designs, templates, themes and images for clients of the company right through from the conceptual stage, to amends and delivery back to our happy clients! I have always had a passion […]

  • Kieran Reeves

    Technical Support Engineer

    I help the team with any technical problems they have throughout the working day, and work on refurbishing second hand computers and systems. I have many new ideas that I would like to fetch to Axita to benefit everyone. I have a wide interest in technology and IT, developing my skills through an apprenticeship. I […]