• Pokémon Go Suffers DDOS Attack!

    Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that has become an overnight sensation, experienced sluggish performance over the weekend, possibly from a hacker attack on its login servers. Shortly after Pokemon Go devs tweeted that the game was rolling out to 26 additional countries, this tweet appeared: Trainers! We have been working to fix the #PokemonGO […]

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  • Google Experiments With Post-Quantum Cryptography!

    Google last week announced an experiment with post-quantum cryptography in Chrome. A small fraction of connections between Google’s servers and Chrome on the desktop will use a post-quantum key-exchange algorithm in addition to the elliptic-curve key-exchange algorithm already being used. The idea is that large quantum computers — if and when they’re built — might […]

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  • HummingBad Malware Catches Android Off-Guard!

    More than 85 million Android devices worldwide have been taken over by the Yingmob, a group of China-based cybercriminals who created the HummingBad malware, according to a Check Point report released last week. HummingBad establishes a persistent rootkit on Android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue, and installs additional fraudulent apps. If it fails to establish […]

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  • ‘OurMine’ Hackers Hack Social Media Accounts!

    Hackers late Sunday broke into CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora account and through it accessed his Twitter followers, according to reports. The group taking credit for the breach, OurMine Security, previously hit other prominent high-tech figures, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Spotify CEO Daniel Elk, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. OurMine’s […]

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  • Hacks Highlight Zuckerberg’s Cavalier Attitude Toward Security

    Facebook top dog Mark Zuckerberg had several of his social media accounts breached and defaced, according to reports that surfaced Sunday. Zuckerberg’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest memberships were hacked, but evidence of the attacks quickly disappeared, according to Engadget, which copied and posted samples of the vandalism before they were erased. “No Facebook systems or […]

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