• Developers of Pokémon Go Scramble To Fix Massive Privacy Problem!

    Just days after Pokemon Go sent Nintendo shares soaring in Tokyo, the game’s developers were scrambling to close a massive privacy hole. The iOS version of the mobile game — which superimposes figures onto real-world environments through augmented reality technology — apparently had a default setting that required users to grant broad permissions to access […]

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  • Google Experiments With Post-Quantum Cryptography!

    Google last week announced an experiment with post-quantum cryptography in Chrome. A small fraction of connections between Google’s servers and Chrome on the desktop will use a post-quantum key-exchange algorithm in addition to the elliptic-curve key-exchange algorithm already being used. The idea is that large quantum computers — if and when they’re built — might […]

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  • HummingBad Malware Catches Android Off-Guard!

    More than 85 million Android devices worldwide have been taken over by the Yingmob, a group of China-based cybercriminals who created the HummingBad malware, according to a Check Point report released last week. HummingBad establishes a persistent rootkit on Android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue, and installs additional fraudulent apps. If it fails to establish […]

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  • Google $1 Billion App Sales

    So it seems that Google yet again are proving their dominance over other companies. An unnamed source told the ‘Wall Street Journal’ that Google made $1 billion for their sales of apps this year. I find this unsurprising. Let’s look at what they have done already.From the beginning Google proved its value by creating one […]

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  • Cloud Storage – Options for Cloud Storage. What’s Your Opinion?

    Google Drive Google drive has recently released a new service that enables the user to send ‘supersize emails’ of 10GB. With its new slick layout Google Drive is now becoming the most used cloud storage facility. Unlike Google+ which did not have a great start to the social media market due to current social media […]

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  • Android

    Android is one of the big 3 players in the mobile operating system business with Apple iOS and to a lesser extent Windows Phone. Others such as Symbian and Palm OS have been in the club but they’ve pretty much fallen by the wayside. As of Q2 2012 Android had a 68% share of the […]

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  • Google+: Will it be the Next Big Thing?

    Why the hubbub about Google+? The last thing entrepreneurs need is another social network to join, right? Weren’t you just getting the hang of Twitter? Didn’t you just start putting that Facebook business page together? So why is Brogan back here telling you to get into Google+, and pronto? I’ve never made a prediction like this before; I’m […]

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  • Cloud Computing: Condensation controlling your Life?

    Oh no! Not another article on Cloud Computing! But come on, it is the latest thing; it is the “now” technology; it is global; it is on everyone’s lips.  But what is it? Here goes then with a definition – “Cloud computing is location independent computing, whereby shared servers provide resources, software and data to […]

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  • Google+ (and other social media ) and its impact on SEO!

    We all know the importance of search engine optimisation – SEO to almost any business that has an internet presence for their business and wants to get business from there. the top 3 positions on google will get the vast majority of traffic and everybody else will be sharing out the remaining traffic, companies as […]

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