• Doncaster’s Unemployed get motivated with Axita

    Doncaster Job Centre recently ran a ‘Work Experience Action Day’ at Doncaster College to expo local companies interested in offering Work Experience and possible employment. Needing a motivational speaker to impact upon Doncaster’s unemployed the genuine opportunities out there; who better than Axita Limited’s Alexander Van Steen! The team at Axita Limited already pride themselves […]

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  • Axita Explores CAST with Doncaster Junior Chamber

    Alexander Van Steen of Axita Limited has always said that there should be more young business people in Doncaster, so when Doncaster Junior Chamber relaunched, he took the company down to visit CAST and meet and support other young businesses! We have all heard the statistic, ‘Doncaster; highest youth unemployment rate in the UK, (twinned […]

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  • Axita Talks Networking with other Young Business Professionals

    Axita Talks Networking with other Young Business Professionals Digital Marketing and IT Solutions specialists Axita Limited joined Soliciting Firm Taylor Bracewell, Mañana Mañana and other local young business people last Friday to network and bring the local business community closer together. The South Yorkshire based law firm hosts a bi-monthly networking event to allow local […]

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