Are Indie Games The Next COD Killer?

Everybody is familiar with mainstream games such as Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed to name a few, but does anybody actually think of giving indie games a try?
That’s right, the games that so many small development companies put their heart, soul and dedication towards, not for money or fame, but to please their fans and newcomers.

Sure there are well known indie games like Minecraft, but even Minecraft doesn’t get the attention it needs, and what about all of the smaller indie games? From the ones that cost £5 or less, to the ones that are free. Sure, they may not have all the polished qualities as major label games, but its not always about the looks. People need to think of the immersion and the game play. Most indie games can be very diverse and engaging even though they may not look it from their screen shots.

There are indie games for every type of gamer; for the horror loving gamers, there are small games, (or ‘experiences’ as they are more commonly known in the indie community), that are guaranteed to give you nightmares for nights on end. For lovers of RPG s and story driven games, there are indie games that have stories and elements that rival even the likes of highly rated major games such as The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Mass Effect. For the fans of platformers there  are many small games with beautiful graphics and vast landscapes that are amazing for even indie games.

So, as you can see, you can be very pleasantly surprised by these underdogs of gaming.
Give them a chance, and they will surely impress.
Check out your gaming marketplace for indie games, (Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace, Playstation Store).

[A couple of indie game developers;]
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