Htc vive

Virtual reality has never bigger that it is right now the reason for this is because the VR offers an incredible experience for all different ages and users giving the feeling of the outside world in the comfort of your own home.

VR presents unparalleled amount of freedom for both users and creators to experiment with different ideas everyday without any bounds. With Different VR headsets there is a wide range of headsets to choice from the HTC Vive priced at £759 to the oculus rift priced at £475 there is a wide range for choice.

The first VR released was on the 5 of April 2015 and was a huge hit the VR included a headset 2 hand held controllers and 2 motion tracers. With the HTC vive getting 100,000 sales in it first month of sale.

What the htc vive doesn’t offer is the use of the VR with glasses because of the inside of the VR.