1. Do I have to pay for any consultation?
– No. All consultation is completely free, you only have to pay for any work that we undertake. This gives all potential clients a chance to come and meet us at Axita, where we can supply our knowledge and expertise to take you and your business forward in digital world.

2. Is there a cost to retrieve an exact quote?
– No. There is no cost for the client if they would like us to deliver an exact quote of the specific work that will be required. This means that there isn’t any obligation to buy.

3. Can I drop in at your office?
– Yes. We would normally recommend booking a slot with us, however, there is always somebody in the office between 9am – 5pm. All of the staff here at Axita are very skilled and professional in a wide variety of areas.

4. How available can you be to liaise with me?
– We are extremely flexible and available to meet with anybody. If you are really pushed for time and would prefer a phone call then we will always answer our phone in the office. If you really do not have the time for a phone call, then Alex and Adam will respond to emails 7 days a week.

5. What would happen if I was not happy with any products or services that you provided for me?
– We always like to deliver the best outcome 100% of the time. We would always work closely with you to make sure that you are completely ecstatic with all outcomes. If you do have any concerns, we are always available to listen and find a solution, together.

6. Do you price match?
– If you can provide details of what has been offered to you and the price that you have been quoted, we will definitely discuss what we can do for you. We pride ourselves in providing the most competitive prices in at least a 30 mile radius.

7. What if I require a product or service that is not stated on your website?
– We partner with many different companies in many different industries. Just because we don’t specify a specific product or service does not mean we cannot provide it.

8. What happens if there is an emergency with a product or service that you have purchased from us?
– Most other companies in our industry will claim they have no obligation to help or fix an issue that has already been paid for after a year of the purchase date. We still solve the infrequent issues that some clients face from time to time, to this day. We are fully aware that technology, in today’s world, can experience issues sometimes and will therefore assist you if you incur any problems.