Dual monitors: Their advantages for your business!

You have heard about the use of multiple monitors, but one question you will be asking yourself is “Is there any need for me”. The answer to that is dependent on how you use your computer and what you use it for.

According to a Supple Solutions Review, there are many advantages to using multiple monitors, the biggest advantage being the increased productivity. “Productivity increases an average of 42% when using multiple displays” This being a big bonus for your business as you will in turn be able to get work done quicker and therefore have more time for extra projects in order to earn more money.

Another advantage to using multiple monitors is the fact that most users run multiple programs simultaneously. This means that the user would not have to flick between programs constantly to get your work done. This linking back to the fact of having increased productivity within the workplace.

One way in which multiple screens could be used is to have 3 screens. Two for work and the final one to always have your email client open. This would allow an increase of productivity through the use of 2 screens for work. While the third screen could be reserved for email, this allowing you to keep in contact with your clients quickly and efficiently.

While there are many, many advantages to multiple screens, there are also some disadvantages. The first being the cost, for example if you were to have two screens it would be twice the cost to purchase in the first place. However if you were to take into account the “42%” increased productivity it would be better for the business in the long run.
Another disadvantage is the hardware requirements for having multiple monitors. First of all you need to have enough display ports on your computer to connect your displays to. Second you need to have a graphics card powerful enough to therefore run the displays correctly. So these must be taken into consideration before purchasing more than one monitor, there are even monitors that are sold with g sync technology built in that also help for running some programs and games.

In Conclusion, multiple monitors are useful if they are used in the correct way and by the correct people. For example a developer would see the benefits of having multiple screens more than a receptionist. As a business owner you must take this into consideration before deciding what employee’s require multiple displays and who do not.

Dominic Talbot

Axita Limited