Cancel the Camper, were starting a Business!

We’ve all heard of ‘Workplace Pensions’ and no doubt seen the adverts on the telly. The real reason behind the renewed hype is that the larger companies should have completed enrolling their workers into Workplace Pension Schemes. The big ones with 100,000+ employees and have been doing so since 2012. It wasn’t exactly affecting the local corner shop, now it’s time for the small and medium size business!” said Darren Wood (43) when describing where the idea for his new company, Pensions on Track Ltd, came from.

Darren realised his dream of starting his own company and within a few weeks was actually doing it, joking with his wife, Theresa (47) that they should probably put off buying that camper van for a little while.

He began his professional career in Accounting, but moved into Financial Services after an opportunity came about that he couldn’t refuse!

But earlier this year the medium size companies were affected and now the smaller companies have to fall in line and become compliant with this new guidance, approx 450 pages of if! This is just where I wanted to help ‘the backbone of Britain’ navigate this minefield…. ” Darren went on to say.

Having worked in Financial Services for over 14 years Darren has achieved the highest qualification, a Chartered Financial Planner and is a Fellow of the and Personal Finance Society. His career has allowed him to work with clients such as Mama’s and Papa’s, William Cook Cast Products and UK Gripple Limited based in Sheffield.

Most recently working for Hawsons in Doncaster Darren has always had a passion to give the best support, help and guidance possible. He always wanted to be in charge ‘command his own ship’ as he puts it.

The passion to set up Pensions on Track Ltd came about by knowing that the smaller business owner would not necessarily have the time or resource available to concentrate on their Workplace Pension duties. They need to concentrate on their top loans online business, making it successful and profitable! I feel my role is to educate, then to implement their full compliant solutions today and going forward. Taking their headaches away and keep their businesses on Track!”.

Pensions on Track Ltd was established in March this year and is already advising several local growth companies in the area. Looking to the future Darren plans to evolve this newly formed high growth company into a full service Financial Advisory firm.

Things are going really well for us, with new clients coming onboard daily” said Darren. “We want to encourage companies to tackle their Workplace Pension solution now and not leave it until the last minute. It’s a problem that will not go away and with in excess of a million companies to comply and limited professional help available. You could be left on the ‘starting line!’

If you’d like to find out more, please come and have a coffee to discuss further.”

Pensions on Track Ltd can be contacted by telephone on 01302 483719, by email on and more information can be found at