Augmented Reality

The main aim of the augmented reality research is to analyse learning and motivational cognitive aspects related to it in an informal learning context. The results showed that the augmented reality experience was beneficial especially for the pupils who otherwise belong in a low achieving group on the other hand, the students with the high-performance school success gained more challenge and quality for the learning outcomes.

Augmented reality differs from virtual reality because augmented reality is all virtual and illusion where augmented reality creates mixed reality by adding visual images into real life and put them all around us. A research group from University of Helsinki has been doing research linked to informal learning and augmented reality for more than a decade. only after the huge Pokemon Go phenomenon augmented reality has only just been noticed on a wide scale.However, many experts don’t consider the Pokémon technology as augmented reality solution, but as the recent Scientific American calls it as “location-based entertainment.”

A lot of ICT-based educational materials are old fashioned. Text book have been converted into digital form. However, by the latest technologies like augmented reality allow to create totally new type of learning solutions and not only to transport old knowledge into a new format.augmented reality also seem to be a good tool for different types of learning. And it has bridged the gap between formal and informal education.